Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Tree Shaped concept

This unusual looking home comes from Mount Fuji Architects Studio and is located in Tokyo, Japan. It was built for a couple in a residential area of the city, even though the architecture manages to separate the project from its urban environment. A first noticeable particularity is the fact that the ceiling is not leveled. One step inside and one can see the reason behind this unique design. Right in the middle of the home there is a giant cylinder resembling a tree stem. Towards the ceiling, this structure begins to fade out turning into a spiral shape, which explains the form of the interesting looking ceiling. The interiors are based on the “Cartesian coordinates system” and have well defined geometrical features. We think the window that the column forms at the beginning of its “transformation” looks highly original, from inside as well as from an exterior angle.

Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

The East Village Studio By JPDA Architects

The East Village Studio comes from JPDA Architects, stretches over an area of 152 square meters (500 feet) and was built as a little “nest” for the owners who also work here. It has all the utilities a common looking contemporary home has and dare we say a lot more. This original crib has storage space and shelves in the most unusual and unexpected places, reducing clutter and contributing to a clean and fresh interior design. The wood gives this home its warmth which is “intensified” by the friendly vegetation pots spread around the open studio.