Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

Security Innovation Lab By Kingma Roorda

Kingma Roorda designed the Security Innovation Lab - a homey virtual-reality workshop in Delft, The Netherlands. As the red heart beats wildly and a terrorist attack is thwarted in the blue lungs, a group of gamers immersed in green intestines studies a complicated problem. Security Innovation Lab – a homey virtual-reality workshop in Delft – was designed for Thales Research and Technology by Kingma Roorda, whose Niels van Ham explains.

What is SILab?

Think of it as a goal-oriented, computer-controlled pressure cooker for finding new solutions to complex problems. Sounds exciting. This isn’t Wi-Fi. These games tackle problems related to public order and safety. Participants are here by invitation only.

How does it work?

In the theatre, a problem is presented to everyone, after which groups of six – each with a moderator – work in three colour-coded gaming units. Solutions return to the theatre for feedback.

Why the body as a blueprint?

We wanted a very cosy, accessible lab – and what’s more familiar than your own body?

The heart accommodates the server?

Visitors look through one of six orange apertures to view the technology that operates the heart.
The lab’s an open space with freestanding units.

For privacy?

It was a way to solve several practical issues: acoustics, wiring and a sense of security. Units can be relocated when the space is used for virtual reality.

Blood vessels are wiring?

We deliberately left cables and conduits visible to reinforce the idea of a pulsating body.

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