Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

Red and White Themed Apartment in Tel Aviv

This gorgeous red-white themed apartment in Tel Aviv is a sight for sore eyes. Though only 80 sqm big, it surely gives an impression of a big studio-like flat, with glass walls to separate the rooms, slim closets and folding doors adding to the effect. Highly modern and roomy, the flat’s stunning style in which red is added to the whole décor – the furniture, the bed, or the two sides of bedroom wall – surely spices up the whole environment and adds to its elegance.

Space Oddysey Inspired Apartment by Romolo Stanco

Inspired by the Space Odyssey flick, this futuristic styled apartment is a class in its own. Furnished with a pure luxurious white lacquer, the apartment not only proves an unique “work of art” but also a highly modern place to live. Completely covered in red and white,the stunning minimalist vibe is only enhanced by the large living room and the contemporary furniture. The apartment has been brilliantly designed by famous architect Romolo Stanco so that the sun light falls directly on the white walls giving them different shapes all day long

Kamis, 30 Juli 2009

Casa Blair Road by Ong &Ong

Designed by talented architects from Ong & Ong from Singapore, Casa Blair Road is a stunning, truly breathtaking property — with everything designed to perfection. With white walls, white marble floors, the lovely white designer chairs and white and brown coffee mugs giving it perfect color sync, the house charms with its amazing white theme. And if you consider the beautiful mountains in the background that add a tinge of freshness, Casa Blair Road is an architectural masterpiece that we wouldn’t mind moving in. A dream home, indeed

Soon in Tokyo by lagranja

Soon in Tokyo,a new communication agency located in Barcelona, commissioned lagranja to design a versatile space where offices can live together with a musical and gastronomic ambient.

The project retains the disposition of the exterior volumes and the facade of the existing industrial warehouse, but completely reformulating the articulation of the space. The search for natural light, by means of courtyards, skylights and terraces, and the visual communication among the different spaces becomes the core of the project.

Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

Out of the Box House by Cadence

Cadence designed a residence in Bangalore, India, which features cast-concrete external walls decorated with perforations.

Taking the classic diagram of the traditional courtyard house, they moved the court to the corner to create new spatial and formal effects. Incorporating the “outside” inside, the living room and the bedrooms feel much bigger and have a sectional relationship with the open to sky court.

The courtyard is further articulated by placing a sculptural elements that would serve as an informal dining area as well as a tub for housing a tree.

Senin, 27 Juli 2009

Large and Colourful House on Portland Road in London

Those who love colors and would like to stand out from the crowd with their interior design, this London house on Portland Road is more than just a great piece of inspiration. Classic yet filled with life, each of the houses rooms comes in with a different color, while the furniture brings in the much needed contrast. With parquet flooring, a large living room and a wonderful kitchen-diner, the house seems crowded yet appealing in its very own way