Senin, 01 November 2010

Ruiz-Maasburg Penthouse in Madrid

This is the story of the Ruiz-Maasburg Penthouse in Madrid designed by Hector Ruiz-Velazquez. Forced to turn an attic of only 60m2 inside and 50m2 of terrace/patio into a stylish, practical and modern living zone, the architects took advantage of every available square centimeter of space and optimized it. Using forced perspectives, a good lighting system and white painting, this apartment was turned into a dynamic crib with unusual angles. Here is more information: “A dynamic axis that emerges from the entrance leaves static spaces on both sides of the three-dimensional sinuous diagonal. This entrance or hallway seems to defy gravity and logic and thus changes unexpectedly the perception of space according to the user and his movement trough them. Thus it creates a completely fluent and dynamic space in a static surrounding.

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