Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009


Dutch beginning designer Evelien Takken presented us her first public design, a public library where books are presented frontal in units and guides one into the library.

'The collection is spread out on the floor and pushed to the sides, to create as much flexible space as possible, for activities and presentations', says Evelien Takken. By using flexible, movable furniture, 80% of the floor space can be cleared.

By presenting the collection in a stretched book isle form, visitors get a nice overview of the collection. Takken: 'We used a clear visible sign system and placed them onto the yellow book cases.' At the windows, a lounge area and wireless internet zone is presented. When one follows a book isle, visitors get to see the book tree - a presention furniture for children. This tree consists of holes where children can feel and look into.

The vertical lines, seen throughout the library, have a logistic funtion: they show us the way through the book isles to various function, such as a service point where you can loan, copy, print, get information and access the reader's cafe. The lines also segment various zones, like youth and adult.

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