Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Metal Apartment By Peter Kostelov

Peter Kostelov realized his home in Moscow based on his desire to 'create an indivisible architectural design', which resulted in a metal house without decoration.

The home that Peter Kostelov realized for his personal use is based on the Russian architect’s ‘desire to create an indivisible architectural design’. For reasons of practicality, he omitted any sort of decoration, choosing instead to focus on functionality and a design that would ‘unify all elements of the space’. Located in Moscow, Kostelov’s apartment features walls clad in metal, part of a material palette that also includes natural cobblestone, brown cork tile and purpose-designed textile. Although most contemporary architects and interior designers have a tendency to remove the walls of an interior to create one spacious, open-plan area, Kostelov opted for a dwelling with many rooms: living room, bedroom, study, library, two closets, kitchen, bathroom and, for guests, a lavatory and shower. He lowered the ceiling to allow for the insertion of an entresol, which he uses for storage.

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