Rabu, 18 November 2009

Circle bridge By Olafur Eliason

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson designed Cirkelbroen, a circle bridge which will create a winding path across Christianshavns Kanal in Copenhagen connecting Christiansbro with Applebys Plads.

'It is my hope that people will stay on the bridge, use the bridge as a public square', says Olafur Eliasson. 'In contrast to the long, straight pier, the winding bridge will reduce speed, turn focus. Rather than offering the fastest possible passage across the canal, the bridge will create small variations in the way we see the city and open for a renegotiation of public space.'

Based on Christianshavn's history and the culture around the canals, the artist used sailing ship as his visual starting point for the bridge. The bridge is a gift to the Municipality of Copenhagen from the Nordea-foundation, which is situated in Overgaden neden Vandet right on the canal of Christianshavn.

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