Minggu, 08 November 2009

Place Beauvau By Baciocchi

Architect Roberto Baciocchi designed a temporary shop for Prada, in Paris, whichs grisaille on the ground-floor façade refers to the first metal bridge built in Paris.

Like the weather, an economic depression invariably gives way to clear skies. Here and there creative fantasies emerge that might never have seen the light of day had unrestrained consumer frenzy continued. In ten years, will we look back longingly on today’s remarkable ephemera, fleeting retail wonderlands and limited collections? Who can tell? What we do know is how much fun it is to step into a five-months-and-it’s-gone Prada paradise on the Place Beauvau in Paris and snap up a gorgeous grey-leather bag. Architect Roberto Baciocchi, who showcased the City of Lights in his design for the former gallery, crafted a façade that refers to the first metal bridge in Paris: the Mirabeau. Inside the dual-level space, stylish mannequins appear to be strolling along Parisian avenues or discussing the latest fashions. Shoppers find colourful tableaux vivants of bohémiennes against backdrops of lilac (downstairs) and beige (upstairs) furniture, complemented by displays of bronzed metal and glass. An altogether charming interior.

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