Selasa, 13 April 2010

The Met Hotel

Zege Architects projected this contemporary hotel of 212 guestrooms in Greece accompanied by accommodations such as Spa, VIP lounge, conference rooms, gourmet restaurants and atmospheric bars.

The lobby/reception area is a generously open plan inviting you to walk through the space and explore the mod living in front of the dynamic fire place or the lounging comfort of the alternative living ambiences.

One of the restaurants, Chan, designed by Andy Martin, is treated like a “boutiesque” project, there is a space within a space approach designed for intimacy and privacy. The second restaurant is designed with an approachable ambience.

Glazing and natural day light plays a prime role. In the Spa the design language is kept simplistic and edgy. Day light is present in a controlled form and throughout the whole interior a hygienic essence is present.

In the corridors leading to the bedrooms we experience volume and warmth through the structural wood panel forms. Arriving inside the bedrooms there is the presence of wood, lacquer and glazing. Three finishes combined with smooth fabrics to create a luxurious but approachable space.

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