Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Jewellery Mayrhofer by Xarchitekten

Austrian architects Xaechitekten have completed the interior of a jewellers in Linz, Austria, that features carpeted walls and ceiling.

The most interesting trends in the design of shops are concerned with the coherence of the products and their environment - thus the space in which they are presented. Furthermore do we understand shop design as a part of corporate identity, as an instrument of communication for contents and aims. The concept bases on the intention to define space as a sensually perceptive phenomenon and connect it closely to the jewellers manifacts.

A carpet covers the floor, the wall and the curved ceiling. We understand the skin as the ideal and primordial presentation surface for jewels. Thus the qualities of the skin are translated to the space. With a softly embracing carpet, the initial space is newly formed and becomes a sensual happening: 4 wooden boxes, symbolically understood as treasure caskets, function as display windows, exhibition system and storage.

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