Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

Fashion Hotel By Estida

Interior design and manufactor E.S.T.I.D.A. was asked to design and produce the interior of the Fashion Hotel Amsterdam, which combines a warm interior with fashion-inspired decorations and artwork.

Locate next to the World Fashion Centre, fashion lovers can appreciate the interior of the Fashion Hotel, which is inspired by fashion. It also provides a brown crodocile print that can be found throughout the hotel. Guests can choose from three room types: L, XL and XXL which feature a warm and classic interior.

In addition to the 260 rooms, one can also make a visit to the wellness centre (which includes a fitness area, a sauna and a jacuzzi), enjoy a cocktail at the SKYY bar (which gives a great view on the city centre of Amsterdam) or grab a bite to eat in the restaurant. Personal favorite: salmon with a crust of cashew nuts.

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