Rabu, 23 September 2009

Patrick Cox By Sinato

Sinato designed the interior for Patrick Cox, a shop in Tokyo which has a circulation plan that takes its cue from a canopy of cylindrical volumes.

For the design of the new Patrick Cox store in Tokyo, Chikara Ohno of Sinato used an existing cylindrical column at the centre of the interior as his point of departure. He multiplied the element by ten and distributed his sleek steel pedestals throughout the 79-m2 space. Above each pedestal he positioned – stalactite and stalagmite style – a matching cylindrical volume equipped with spotlights aimed at each item on display. Leather bags and accessories, as well as the whole retail area, are bathed beautifully in light, rendering the ordinary pendants often used in retail interiors unnecessary. The uniquely layered atmosphere combines darkness above with clearly visible products at eye level. ‘The rest of the stores in this fashion mall are brightly lit, whereas this shop looks rather calm,’ says Ohno. ‘But at Patrick Cox, light shines on the displays, floats up to softly illuminate the entire space and makes the products glow.’

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