Senin, 21 September 2009

With & Rolls by Masaru Ito

With &Rolls designer Masaru Ito created a light, comfortable space which opened earlier this year in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

‘Until recently, most of my shops were done in black and other dark colours,’ says designer Masaru Ito. ‘For this project, however, I made the most of the materials and created a light, comfortable space.’ Opened earlier this year in Daikanyama, Tokyo, &Rolls is run by an Osaka-based wholesaler of bags, shoes and other leather accessories. The store, which offers customers both domestic and imported products, has what Ito curiously refers to as a ‘neo-minimalist’ interior. A hitching-post ambience emerges from his intriguing combination of familiar materials – including plaster, steel and glass – juxtaposed with a rich collection of antique furniture. ‘It’s my attempt to create an interestingly cosy space,’ he says of the nostalgic-yet-new retail environment. A small red room towards the back of the shop makes a pleasant contrast to the rest of the interior.

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