Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

3.1 Phillip Lim Boutique & Showroom By PARA project & Giancarlo Valle

PARA Project & Giancarlo Valle designed the new 3.1 Phillip Lim Boutique & Showroom located near the Melrose shopping neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, that announces the designer’s west coast debut with the transformation of 450 square meters auto shop into a flowing interior.

Introducing a thick curving wall in the existing building, the large space unfolds into four smaller niches. A single, continuous light-diffusing membrane floats above the space adding to the intimate atmosphere while giving the space a sense of lightness.

A pyramidal texture on the curving wall is actually soft to the touch creating a sensation of being both hard and soft. The smaller niches are each lined with different materials (wallpaper, Spanish cork, leather herringbone and bamboo) creating a variety of tactile vignettes for the clothing to be displayed in.

The exterior facade has no opening except the entrance. Instead of windows, the facade is surfaced in a stark yet supple pattern of concrete tiles shaped like pillows.

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