Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Miss Poem By P-Arch

Designer Bora Cakilkaya of P-Arch designed the interior for Miss Poem, located in the historical city centre of Istanbul.

Surrounded by several modern buildings, Miss Poem’s has a sense of history mixed together with contemporary design. ‘We put aside all application wallpaper layers that were applied year after year’, says Bora. ‘Almost 8 ton of wallpaper was removed within eight days.’

After finding the proper wall and ceiling surfaces that would expose the historical character of the building, damaged ceiling and wall bricks were repaired. Epoxy mixed with bright tinsel was used to create a floor surface which is resistant to intense traffic. ‘We used a white colour to reflect the pure symbol of the space’, says Bora. ‘I expect that the colour will give the store a spatial message towards the street it is located on.’

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