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Kindergarten Sigharstein By Kadawittfeldarchitektur

The Architecture design of Kindergarten Sighartstein was designed by German practice Kadawittfeldarchitektur in Sighartstein, near Land Salzburg, Austria. The clad with metal elements on facade of Kindergarten Sighartstein is designed to look like blades of grass. The concept of the “kindergarten-in-motion” includes the surrounding area of unspoilt nature. The building can be explored in different ways by a vertical and horizontal three-dimensional network. The design of the building is developed from two horizontal layers that surround a central hall and courtyard.

The first impression of this place in the midst of green meadows and fields leads to the concept of the built playground. The elevated and abstractly stylized “grass” facade of the cubic building brings a certain harmony to the volume as well as an identity and orientation for the kindergarten.

The inner organization follows the logic of use: kindergarten groups have open access to the gardens while the crèche groups are kept safe in the floor above. The mid-point of the building is the multifunctional “interactions space” - a public communication area located at the intersection between functions.

Situated on the periphery of the site of green meadows and fields, the first impression of the construction site provided the idea for the sculptural facade by way of an elevated grass turf. The oversized “grass blades” communicate the building’s unique identity and provides an orientation marker for the kindergarten. The stylized grass blades are not only ornamental, but also act as a continuation of the landscape theme - namely, the staccato row of spruces visible at the meadow’s edge or the branches of the neighboring leafy trees. The resulting scenic correspondence takes place not only in the building volume itself but also in the structure noticeable from within.

The flat roofed two-story cubic building optimally distributes the functions of a kindergarten. On the ground floor, one finds the space for the kindergarten groups - with direct access to the garden. The crèche is accommodated in the protected upper story. In the crèche, an expandable third space has been made possible through a planned reallocation of the space.

The core of the building is a multi-functional hall - a communicative center for children and caretakers, used as a junction for various functions: a space for shared activities and an alternative space for bad-weather activities

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