Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Front And Back Apartment by H2O architect

H2o Architects designed an apartment in the 10th arrondissement of Paris and named it the Front And Back Apartment.

The owner of the apartment is an advertising executive and an avid collector of comic strips. Jean-Jacques Hubert (founder of H2o Architects): 'He wished to live in a fresh environment, both serene and sparkling despite the fact that his existing space was dilapidated, its geometry confusing, compartmentalized and contorted.'

The new design offers a wide open space that expands according to the complexity of uses and orientations. These variances are defined by variable geometries and the usable thickness of the casework and walls. Hubert: 'A study on depth sculpting these depths allowed to create a variety of cavities, niches and alcoves. The sculpted shapes vary in size and colors to adapt to multiple functions in different locations. They can harbor either the vast collection of comic strips or a bar, a bathroom, a closet, and so on.'

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