Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Nisha Acapulco Bar Lounge By Pascal Arquitectos

Called Nisha Acapulco Bar Lounge, this sensual Acapulco lounge bar was designed by Pascal Arquitectos is an entertainment place dedicated to the senses that located in Acapulco, Mexico. Expressed through the architecture, the people, the music and the images an alternative and virtual atmosphere is created.

Access to the premises is by a foyer that simulates the interior of a ship lined with wood, where five high definition screens framed as oval windows that may show either a clouded sky travelling at high speed or bottom of the sea images transforming it into a submarine.

A dark foyer leads to a wooden lounge decorated with small groups of sofas that have a view of an outside smoking area. At one end there are several screens framed as pictures in a living room and on the other a 15 meter long bar counter and further up, at the back, a same size by 3 meters height hi-res video screen. The bars under counters display a geometric design and are lit up by colour changing leds.

Restrooms are a gathering place consumed in glass; the women’s area is co-ordinated with red and white while the men’s section is black and blue.

Color use in each and everyone lounge spaces causes an unique visual experience complemented by the music, the images, the videos and the overall atmosphere.

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