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Caroline Springs Civic Center and Library By Alex Hotchin

Take a step into Caroline Springs Civic Center and Library to see how InterfaceFLOR’s modular carpet tiles can transform a space.

As modern libraries seek to re-establish themselves as vibrant community centers, the need for cutting edge interiors is paramount. We visit Caroline Springs Civic Center and Library and look at how InterfaceFLOR modular carpet tiles have helped transform this space.

Suters Prior Cheney were asked to re-design the Civic Center and Library We didn’t see a library as merely a receptacle for books. It’s about delivering community services and activities to a broad range of people, both in terms of ages and cultural background,” says architect Mark van den Enden, Practice Design Manager for Suters Prior Cheney Architects.

Asked to create a space that would be able to sustain many functions at once, they drew influence from the columnar basalt formations of the nearby Organ Pipes National Park, with their irregular layers of basalt and granite, to guide the multi-layered design for its usage.

The central spine of the library, which cuts through the building from east to west, also has a number of different functions, with InterfaceFLOR carpets used to cleverly section off different areas. Interior Designer, Alex Hotchin says the floor pattern for the library space was also based on the local basalt formation pattern, radiating from the entry and customer service area with bold fractured lines running across the floor.

“The directional line pattern of ‘Chenille Time’ modular tiles was used for the linear lines across the floor space, and ‘Dot Com’ was chosen as the base tile because of its simple textural pattern and contrasting yarn colors,” Hotchin says.
“The fractured floor patterns are an important design element within the library space and InterfaceFLOR modular carpet was chosen because of the color, texture and pattern options, which fitted perfectly with the concept of the floor design.”

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