Senin, 15 Juni 2009

House Of Mirrors By Axis Mundi

This New York retreat by design firm Axis Mundi, gives new meaning to the concept of a house reflecting its surrounding landscape.

Axis Mundi is a super-hip, multi-disciplinary design firm based in New York. Its founder John Beckmann is globally recognized for his modernist mind, and thoughtful, unconventional design and architecture. This is surely evident in this featured project.

Romantically labeled 'Weekend Retreat for a Writer', this fantastical house is fully clad in external mirrors, but fools a viewer into seeing an almost transparent, ghostly woodboard cottage.

Custom designed for a client in the Hudson Valley, the house is situated on 7 acres, and was originally built in 1860. In need of a serious overhaul, Axis Mundi were commissioned to turn the dilapidated saltbox into a luxurious, inspirational hideaway. They succeeded.

Once past the smoke and mirrors, the inside of the abode is even more impressive. Flooded with light, this modern fairytale house would relieve even the worse case of writers block.

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